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Tassodans Lost Rune
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 4
Location:Mountain Path (12, 4)
Required Item: Tassodans Rune
Required Kills: None
You encounter a winded man. He is crouched over, holding his chest while gasping for air. He takes a moment before talking. 'Traveller, I lost my precious rune while I was running away from a Goblin... The Goblins are found in the Goblin Cave just east of here.' He takes a deep breath before resuming. 'If you can find my Tassodans Rune and return it to me, I shall give you a special ring I found on my travels.'
'Warrior. Did you find my Rune?' You nod and hand over the rune. 'Oh my friend, this is wonderful! Thank you! Here, please take this as a measure of my gratitude!' You receive 1 x Blocking Ring and gained 77 XP.

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