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Element of Water (Epic)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 500
Location:Land of the Elements (2, 3)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You discover an ancient temple. The structure appears old indeed, with vines covering much of its surface. A monk appears to be sat meditating outside. He does not seem to have noticed your arrival, nor does he make any move to acknowledge your presence. You edge closer and the Monk addresses you without even regarding you with his eyes. 'I assume you are one of many who has come to claim power of the elements. This can only be done by defeating our rivals, the Guardians of Fire. Do you make such claims?'
The Monk continues, barely allowing you time to finish your sentence. 'Slay the Guardian of Fire and you shall discover the path to unlocking the power of the Water element. Be aware that the Guardian of Fire is powerful, drawing its power from its environment. You will need to weaken its structure 4080 times before you can finally defeat it. Here, take this. You shall need it. Journey to the Domain of Fire, there you shall find the key to defeating the Fire Guardian.' The Monk throws you an old piece of parchment with writing upon it, then goes back to meditating. You try to talk to the Monk again, but he continues to ignore you...

You gain 'Fire Rune Recipe'.

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