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Paying the Dues
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 951
Location:Karthak (South Gate) (6, 10)
Required Item: SK II Medallion
Required Kills: None
In the distance sits a large city with a massive stone wall encircling it. As you approach you wonder how you were going to get into the City, when you see the huge Guard Tower straddling the road. The teeth of the heavy iron portcullis hangs above your head as you enter the South Gate, giving you a feeling of being swallowed whole.

You are concerned how you are going to find Klines when you are stopped by a Karthak City Guard. He looks at you with officious disinterest, 'Please state why you wish to enter the City of Karthak.'
The Gate Guard stares down at the Medallion, then his eyes roll. 'Oh, I see. One of those are you? Please come with me into the Office. There is an issue with SK Acquisitions.' He hands the Medallion back.

You should follow the Gate Guard into the Office to see what the problem is.

You receive 1 x SK II Medallion.

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