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Stage 1
Minimum Level: 953
Location:Karthak (Market Square) (7, 10)
Required Item: SK III Medallion
Required Kills: None
Karthak is brimming with people. The bustle of humanity flows all around you. Standing in the ever moving current is a single stationary man. He glares at you, 'Are you from SK Associates?'
He takes the amulet from you and looks at it carefully, 'I see you done some jobs already, you good at kill'n folks? I heard that SK can do things quick and quiet. I need a job done, and I want it done right.' You can see that the man is looking for blood, you reach out your hand and ask who he is and what the Contract is for.

He hands back the Medallion, 'Oh, sorry, I'm Perry Tyler. I have a stall here in the Market. I know that there appears to be lots of people around, but they aren't hanging around. They are not browsing the stalls. There are just too many Cut Purses around. Too many punters are loosing too much coin. Many stalls are on the brink of going under, we have sent word to the Thieves Guild but we just get either sarcasm or silence back. I want you to make an example of them and tell whoever lets these pickpockets run all over the place that we will not stand for it.'

'When your ready I'll tell you what I want done.'

You receive 1 x SK III Medallion

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