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Clouded Sight
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 954
Location:Karthak (Shambles) (10, 2)
Required Item: SK IV Medallion
Required Kills: None
The three story stone faced buildings of the Shambles give off an old, rooted feel. The paths are wide enough for a cart to pass, but with a constant flow of people. You are struck with an odd haze that permeates the air. The thin mist twists through the masses as they pass. Thin smoke trails after them.

A brisk young woman in the robes of a Seer looks straight at you, 'Are you the Hunter I am waiting for?'
The woman takes the Medallion, 'Excellent, a Hunter who is actually competent judging by the marks.' She hands it back, 'Well when you are ready, after sharpening your knives or whatever, - I shall tell you what I require.'

You receive 1 x SK IV Medallion

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