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Masters Honor
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 956
Location:Karthak (Alchemy Society) (2, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You step into the cool air of the marbled chamber. The riches of the Society are plainly evident. Pillars line the edge of the room and gold leaf picks out flowing scrolls on the top of each of the columns. Standing quietly in the center of the reception area stands Harris Dickinson. He waves you over impatiently.
He smiles at you briefly, 'I'm not too sure how much I should say. But I suppose you need to know it all if you are going to do the task.' He looks around the opulent chamber as if to gain some strength from it. Then he sags visibly, 'Things are not going well for the Society of late. Its not that Aceth is a bad Master of the College. Actually it the opposite. Hes truly inspired. That causes jealously among others. Scholarship is a very cut throat business you see. We are only as good as our Lecturers and Masters. We have the best in every aspect. Unfortunately Aceth is brilliant, but also naive to many of the more unpleasant aspects of his position.'

He straightens, then continues in a stronger voice. 'You see, we are not just an Alchemy College. The discipline of Alchemy touches many areas, plant, geology and magic all interweave into one whole. We have many different departments teaching our students these separate disciplines making them fully rounded Alchemists. Our success is obvious.' He waves at the rich surroundings.

'Aceth has written a paper on the building blocks of the Volmar Mountain Chain. He postulated that Mount Volmar the massive dead volcano is the youngest geological element in the whole ridge. This has embarrassed a few key figures and they are seeking to discredit Aceth and his manuscript. Aceth is correct of course, I would never have thought it myself. I mean the Mount Volmar is thousands of feet tall after all! But the volcanic rock is tougher than the other parts of the mountain chain. So over time they have eroded leaving Mount Volmar to tower over everything. Simple and a work of genius. But its so easy for the less educated in the field to say, 'Look how tall Volmar is, it must have been there at the start. How foolish is the Alchemy Society to say otherwise!'

He sighs deeply, 'We need this too stop. Our opponents are gaining too much ground by making our findings a laughing stock. There is even an apprentice running round the Alchemy Quarter discrediting Aceth's work and the Society as a whole. Apparently he is handing out tracts which mock Aceth but I don't know what to do, how do we stop him?'

You think of the pain Aceth is suffering at the loss of his Daughter, he does not need this as well. You must put a stop to the spreading of these Mocking Tracts. And quickly. You tell Harris not to worry, then turn and walk into the street.

You have a Contract to do...

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