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Ravenous Lurkers
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 961
Location:Karthak (Cathedral Gate) (2, 2)
Required Item: SK IX Medallion
Required Kills: None
The Cathedral towers over you. You marvel at the finely crafted stone work and exquisite stained glass windows. As you enter the Cathedral Gate you are struck by the mixture of beauty and power demonstrated within the building. In a shaft of colored light you find a richly robed priest smiling at you.

He looks at you quizzically, 'I'm sorry, but it seems unusual to see someone so heavily armored enter the Cathedral. Are you by any chance looking for someone?' You say that you were told to meet a Cardinal Byford here. The Priest folds his arms, 'I am Cardinal Byford, I am waiting for a Hunter from SK Acquisitions. If you are the Hunter I'm looking for, you will have proof of that.'
The Cardinal takes it, 'I am relieved to see that you have had some experience in dealing with Commissions. I am afraid that I require someone who is good with a weapon and keeping a confidence. Brother Matthews has spoken highly of your organization on both counts. I trust we can do business.'

He hands the medallion back to you. 'I understand you might have some repairs to do or something similar. When you are ready we can continue our conversation.'

You receive 1 x SK IX Medallion

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