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Cloaked Darkness
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 963
Location:Karthak (Magic Quarter) (9, 7)
Required Item: SK X Medallion
Required Kills: None
You recognize the Seer from your visit to the Shambles. Jamesina Page looks at you with vague indifference that makes you have to work at greeting her with a smile. 'Ah, Hunter. May I see you Medallion. I realize we have met before, but in my world of polymorph spells, I need to make certain you are who you look like.'
She looks at the Medallion closely, 'My word, you have been busy! I was under the impression that the life a of Hunter was a short one. I'm pleased to see I was mistaken. You can prepare for the task ahead, I shall wait.' The Seer hands you back the Medallion.

You receive 1 x SK X Medallion

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