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Making an Impression
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 966
Location:Karthak (North Gate) (8, 8)
Required Item: SK XI Medallion
Required Kills: None
The North Gate is exactly the same as the Southern one, just without the traffic of people going through it. As you enter you hear the faint sound of Jamesina screaming at someone. Following the sound of the irate Jamesina is not a difficult task. You find her nose to visor with a Gate Sentry. The Sentry looks at you, Jamesina follows his gaze and when she sees she shrieks, 'Ha! Show this fool your Medallion!'
The Sentry looks at it with vague curiosity, 'It is a nice piece of jewelry. But we have not heard of such an outfit. I cannot comply with your wishes.' He hands it back to you.

In a low almost guttural growl she whispers to you, 'They do not believe that I am apart of SK Acquisitions. They also do not even know who the company is. I want you to defeat 200 North Gate Sentries, do not kill them. I just want them hurt - lots. Return when you are done. They will never forget the name SK Acquisitions!'

You receive 1 x SK XI Medallion

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