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Testing the Limits
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 968
Location:Karthak (Seastone Court) (2, 8)
Required Item: SK XII Medallion
Required Kills: None
Jamesina knocks on the massive gates to the Citadel. To your astonishment, they open. You draw your weapon and step in front of the impetuous Seer. You walk through the gates and come face to face with a Commander in full dress uniform.

The Commander raises his hand, 'That is far enough, what are you doing here?' You see that the Commander is alone. You step aside and Jamesina greets the Commander. 'Sir, we are here from SK Acquisitions, we have a Contract to make sure no corruptive influence has spread to the Seastone Keep. Here is our proof that we are Hunters.'
The Commander takes the Medallion and inspects it, 'I see you have had quite a few successful... Contracts. I also note that you did not kill any of our Initiates. I was impressed, I was more impressed when I received word that you did the same at the North Gate. I assumed you were assassins out to destabilize Karthak, I am pleased that I am wrong.'

He hands the Medallion back to you, 'What is this "corruption" you speak of?' Jamesina blinks slowly at the Commander. You nearly laugh at the blatant fluttering of her eyelashes. Then you see the dumb look on the Commanders face and realize that more is occurring here than is apparent. 'The Undead are rising within the City and the Mounted Legionaries are conducting a Suppression Order on the populous. The Karthak Legionaries seem to be under some spell so we have been sent here to make sure you have been spared the touch of evil.'

The Commander laughs, 'A Suppression Order and undead walking the streets of Karthak!' He then goes quiet for a moment, 'Mind you I have not received word from anyone in three days. I also like the way you handle yourself. But really, I don't see how any corruption of evil could come here. We have... resources here that would deal with all such threats. But there has been a nagging fear that we are not putting enough emphasis on the Martial component of training.'

He points at you, 'Promise me that you will not take a life.' You nod slowly, not sure what is happening. The Commander smiles a crooked grin, 'Excellent, then we can do each other both a favor. I will let you into the Citadel and you can - do as you wish. You will face resistance at every step. But if you succeed in your contract, that means our training of our Soldiers is not as stringent as we require.' He looks at Jamesina, 'Do we have a deal?', she nods subserviently. 'Yes sir.' He then nods happily to himself, 'Excellent, carry on.' And stalks away.

Jamesina whispers, 'Meet me at the bottom of the Lighthouse.'

You receive 1 x SK XII Medallion

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