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Into the Maw of Danger
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 970
Location:Karthak (Seastone Court) (10, 10)
Required Item: SK XIII Medallion
Required Kills: None
The Hulking Minotaur stares down at you. In a low rumbling voice he growls, 'You may not pass.'
You action stuns the Golem into silence. Obviously nobody has ever given him something before. The massive Statue gazes at your Medallion in his huge hand, 'This is a Hunters Medallion. I have heard tales of these. Only the strong gets them notched after completing deeds of consequence. I see this Medallion has many notches.' He hands it back to you.

Then lowers his huge stone head. The horns come level to your chest, 'I cannot let you past Hunter. I will regret destroying such a skilled fighter. But this is my duty, I have not been tested in such a long time. Do you still wish to continue?' Looking into his eyes you then see the intelligence within the Golem. The savagery of the carving hides the true nature of the Creature. You step back and say, 'No, I do not wish to fight such a fine Creature without reason.'

The corded muscles of the Minotaur relax, 'That is good then.' He steps back to his position by the Lighthouse door. Jamesina touches your arm, 'I have been waiting for you Hunter, I see you have met the Guardian of the Tower. He has stood here for as long as written words remember. He is famed for his strength and honor.' You see the stone chest swell slightly. 'Many have gone against him and fallen in battle. He has never been bested in combat.' You suddenly see faint Arcane Runes spinning round the Golems right hand.

The Golem stands slightly taller at her words, he nods gently. Jamesina's voice becomes smooth and soothing, 'Only he can decide who enters the Lighthouse, only he can judge who is worthy.' You see the massive shoulders straighten with power and pride. She then asks gently, 'Guardian, do you judge the Hunter a fine Warrior, victorious in many battles?' The Minotaur stares at you, the Arcane Runes spinning around his hand flare momentarily, then fade to almost nothing. In a slow gravelly voice he intones, 'I see... from the Medallion the Hunter has been tested... The Hunter stand before me... The Hunter is thus victorious and worthy of my respect.' The faint Runes begin to spin faster.

Jamesina's voice flows like a silken lullaby around you, 'If the Hunter has your respect, then surely the Hunter is also worthy of entry into the Lighthouse?' The Golem nods slowly, 'So few have been deemed worthy of battle. The Hunter may pass through the gates of the Lighthouse.'

Jamesina whispers in your ear, 'Destroy any Evil within the Lighthouse, I shall wait for you here. I need to make sure my suggestion sticks.'

You receive 1 x SK XIII Medallion

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