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River of Souls
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 977
Location:Mount Volmar (Broken Land) (9, 8)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
The air is thick with screaming spirits, their cries chill your very soul. You are about to walk on when without a word, Jamiesina walks off deeper into the realm.
Irritated, you follow her. You have to defend yourself against manic Spirits several times, but eventually you discover Jamiesina standing next to a foul altar. She stares at sheathing runes carved deep into the stone. 'I'm sorry, but I cannot stand to listen to their screams. The Spirits are in terrible pain. They have been trapped here, and they are being shaped into foul creatures by this twisted thing.' She points at the altar.

You ask her if she can understand the runes that are craved into the Altar. She blinks rapidly. 'Oh, yes I had not actually attempted to read them yet. There is a tremendous pull of destiny here. Its as if this is an anchor or something. But I shall see what they are saying.' She stalks around the altar for a moment. Then stops.

'I don't understand, there is normally a silly chant to GorGulGol, but there is nothing here. Just what looks like a twisted traveling ritual. For Undead to be made, you must make a contract with the Death God. Only when you appease him can you imprison a soul into a corpse or curse. There must be a vessel to hold the Spirit you see. I don't understand why that is missing here.'

Jamiesina bites her lip, then seems to make a decision. 'Well, that is not important. What we must do is destroy this altar. We know that this is a travel spell, all travel spells are keyed into something. Normally it's the life energy of the being that uses the portal. But this seems to be keyed into a particular time rather than a being. There are two problems, the first is we need to discover what time this portal is focused onto. That can be discovered from all these spirits around here. The other is a more difficult prospect. We will need a spell force that is greater than that used to construct this altar. But where will we find a powerful Necromancer to help us?'

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