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Breaking What Binds
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 979
Location:Mount Volmar (Dark Heights) (10, 16)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You find the Seer standing in a long clearing reading a well worn tome. Within the shadows of the rocks you see scarlet eyes staring at her greedily.
Jamiesina jumps at your words, and almost drops her book. 'What?' you point at the eyes in the gloom. She stiffens, 'Oh, well now your here I'm fine. I've been checking up on runic bindings. I think if we shock the spell the Spirit within will dissipate. We just need toxic enough material to do the damage.' She hands you a scroll.

'It was the Shroud Bats that gave me the idea.' She smiles, 'I recommend you do not take too long. As you say, they look hungry. I'll be here when you he the Wing of Darkness.'

You receive 1 x Wing of Darkness Recipe

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