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Stage 1
Minimum Level: 983
Location:Mount Volmar (Passage) (9, 8)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
The very floor of the Passage seems alive. Vines reach out toward you and you only manage to escape their hungry grasp because you're faster. You eventually find Jamesina standing on a low rock surrounded by the grasping vines.
You jump onto the low rock next to Jamesina. She looks at you with fearful eyes, 'Glad to see you made it Hunter. I was beginning to worry. What are these things?' The Wolf Skull in your backpack starts to giggle. You take it out and you both glare at it.

After a few moments Virmalthorn seems to gather his composure, 'I am sorry, but it is amusing to see a plant that has no actual intelligence herd you to exactly where it wants you to be. The Strangle Vine has a dual purpose. The first and most obvious is to keep unwanted visitors from entering where they are not wanted. The vine is not actually one plant, but many that share nourishment. Not unlike a flock of birds. They do not attack anything that is connected to them. So you simply have to fool it into thinking that you are part of the vine. Seer, if you would pick me up, I shall impart to you the knowledge the Warrior requires so that you both might live.'

Jamesina pouts at the Skull, 'Why don't you just tell the Hunter yourself?' Virmalthorn sighs, then whispers 'The Hunter has not the technical grasp of the arts that are required to scribe a scroll. I also have no hands so I cannot do it myself, I therefore need you to scribe it. Unless you want to stay here until the Vines get hungry?' Jamesina looks around, bites her lip then picks up the Skull. Her eyes unfocus, she nods then gives it back to you. She digs in her back pack and after a few moments she hands you a Scroll. 'Be quick, we don't have much time.'

You receive 1 x Venom Thorn Recipe

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