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Spell Path
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 985
Location:Mount Volmar (Terrace) (2, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You find Jamesina standing in the corner of the Terrace behind a shimmering spell shield.
The Seer nods curtly, 'I am now. My shield bounces any weapon attack back onto the attacker. But it takes a lot of Spell Power to sustain it. Although it's good for repelling multiple attackers, especially bowmen.' You suddenly hear a muffled comment from your backpack. You sigh and take out Virmalthorn.

The Wolf Skull sits in your hand, 'I have been thinking that we should make sure that the Dreadlord really has a hand in raising these undead. We could give our findings to the Volmar Guardian and see what he says about the situation. If it is the Dreadlord, he will not be pleased about it.' Jamesina frowns, then says. 'I don't like having dealings with GorGulGol, but the enemy of our enemy can be our friend. I take it, Virmalthorn, that there is another Altar within this Realm?' The Wolf Skull chuckles, 'Yes or I would not mention it. Give the Warrior a Spell Measure, and we can give the results to the Guardian at the Altar found to the South East of here. I think you may be surprised at his reaction.'

Jamesina shrugs, 'A Spell Measure is a simple casting, but if you think it will help I can scribe the scroll.' After a few moments she hands you a scroll. 'Be careful Hunter. This is a strange alliance we have here, I'm not sure where it will lead.'

You receive 1 x Spell Measure Recipe

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