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Dark Heart
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 998
Location:Mount Volmar (Barrow) (9, 8)
Required Item: Scourge of Corinth
Required Kills: None
You see the familiar purple of Jamesina's Spell Shield. Around the shield a hunched figure paces. As you draw near you see a gray man with a gaping hole in his chest prodding the magical ward with his sword. Testing its strength. He eyes up the Seer with a hungry look.
The Scourge of Corinth is still in your hands from your flight from the vengeful Spirit Army. You strike at the foul zombie with the long spiked chain. It coils around the thing as if alive. The spikes piercing the flesh and taking biting deeply. You know instinctively that it you pull back you will tear him apart.

You rise you elbow to pull the Scourge when Jamesina suddenly cries out. 'Hold Hunter!'

You freeze, Virmalthorn steps close to the edge of the pulsing field and stares at the Warrior. 'You have sharp eyes Seer. I see that weapon has an effect on incantations, the spell is slipping from the Undead before you.' The gray man gives a shuddering moan and collapses to his knees. His blood flows freely over the Scourge around him.

You let go of the whip and draw your weapon, then advance on the kneeling Warrior. His face snaps up and terrified eyes stare back at you. 'I'm sorry, I just don't want to die. I need a heart. But they keep on being consumed within me. I suppose I should just let go. But I just don't want to die.' You look at the man's eyes. They are no longer shining green, but are normal human eyes. Virmalthorn whispers behind you, 'I see the spell dampening has ceased when you let go of the whip. I will assume that he will live for a short time. Shame really, as he now is aware of what he has become.'

Tears stream down the warriors ashen face, but he does not struggle to get up. Virmalthorn steps through the Shield. It hisses as he escapes its grasp. He bends down and inspects the Warrior closely. He then scribbles something onto a scrap of parchment and hands it to you. 'We can help him you know. If you wish to do so, return with the Ravenous Heart.'

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