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The Beast of Brogan Cane
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1027
Location:MacDrookit Castle (Gate House) (4, 13)
Required Item: Big Bag of Selkie Provisions
Required Kills: None
You meet the McTeuchter party in the MacDrookit Castle Gate House. Megan and the McTeuchters are talking with Angus and the MacDrookits.
Megan turns. 'No that yer here now.' You hand the Big Bag of Selkie Provisions to Angus. 'A peace offering.' you say. Angus looks a bit taken aback and looks at Megan. 'Whit's this fer?'

You look at him. 'We've come to see why you and your clan were willing to sacrifice Megan here. This is an offering to show we have not come to fight. Angus looks at you. 'We were tol' to sacrifice Megan to Niseag and that I would hae to face the Beast of Brogan Cane fer the good o' both Clans.' You inform him that Niseag has been destroyed. 'Ooh crivens! The Enchanter'll no be please wi' that!' You ask where this Enchanter is. 'You'll hae tae get the Brogan Cane Caves (Mouth).' You turn away. 'I'll talk to this Enchanter. See what he wants. I'll be back once the problem is dealt with!'

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