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How to forge peace?
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1021
Location:Stoatin Island (Shore) (3, 12)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
After a fun evening of feasting and celebrating with the McTeuchters, you rise and join them on their journey to Stoatin Island, home of the MacDrookit Clan. You find Chief McTeucher and Megan.
The Chief turns to you. 'Aye aye ma wee freend. Well. We was going tae visit the MacDrookit and ask why they felt the need tae break oor peace and try to feed Megan to thon Beastie. She's due to marry the MacDrookit chiefs boy and noo they do this? Ah want answers.'

You look to Megan (who does not look terribly happy) and back to the Chief. You suggest that you go to the MacDrookits, with an offering and ask them. If there was peace, surely it can be reforged. Megan brightens at this suggestion. 'Ah think that's a braw idea Pa. I like Angus and he likes me. It must have been serious for his Dad tae put that aside and try to feed me to Niseag. I'd like this brave Warrior to try.'

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