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Creeping On Thin Ice
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1033
Location:Mehteh Ice Floe (Inlet) (11, 11)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
This group of hunters look more professional than the last. They to are trading stories of glory and bravado. One of them spots you and beckons you over. 'You just walked over the Mehteh Ice Floe! You are the bravest person I know, or an idiot. Either way, do you want a job?'
'That was easy. Here was me thinking that me and the boys here were going to have to persuade you. We has orders to get rid of the Frost Creepers down here. But before you can do that, you need to make a totem from Ice Isopod bits. It's a bit messy, but I'm sure you've seen worse.'

Svart the Creeper Whacker spends a few minutes explaining how to create a Isopod Totem. You will need to collect at least two Isopod Carapaces, an Isopod Brain, and two sets of Isopod Guts. You are going to need a wash after this.

You receive 'Recipe of Isopod Totem'

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