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Turkey Shoot (Xmas)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 500
Location:Forest of Yule (Copse) (3, 16)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
As you enter the small village you are approached by an old man, dressed head to foot in black. Shivering from the cold, he stands proudly and addresses you. 'Noble Wanderer! Please help us in our plight. My followers and I are starving.'
'We came to this land many months ago, the land was bright and full of life. Now it is dead and frozen. Our food supplies have gone, there is nothing left! I have seen these strange birds running fast and free. I am certain that they would provide food for my followers, but we are so weak we cannot catch them. If you could hunt down 75 Forest Turkeys, then we will collect them. You can help us save the village, or my name is not More-Pious-Than-Thou-Franklin!'

As you look from Franklin to his people, you can see that he is not lying. All are gaunt and their pale-skin is stretched over their bones. Their clothes are not designed for the cold. If these people do not get help soon, then the whole village will be lost.

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