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Big Game
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1057
Location:Vinder Berg (Floe) (7, 11)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
The friendly sight of Molid's camp greets you in this cold land.
'These are sad days, my friend. We lost most of our supplies in the journey here. I have never seen so many Megadons in one place before. They took two of our best men and most of our food.'

Molid breaks in to a smile 'Fear not, I have a plan! If there are so many Megadons, then there must be Asps in these waters too. We can use their meat to restock our supplies. I need all my men here right now, so this falls to you. We will need at least 20 Asps killed. We'll butcher them after the've been killed. We are going to move the camp further up the island, then we are going to strike back at those Megadons.'

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