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Head And Shoulders Above The Rest
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1072
Location:Trun Castle (Antechamber) (10, 5)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You are addressed by a smart looking, if somewhat nervous dwarf. 'My, you are a big dwarf. You need to work on the beard though. But with a few touches, you'll fit right in here. My name is Tert. Who are you?'
'Of course you are a dwarf. How else could you have gotten past our Watchmen? If you don't mention your height, then no-one else will either. Right, where is your Trunidium Axe?' Tert stares at you intently, until realisation finally dawns.

'You don't have a Trunidium Axe, do you? Right, well then, as a self-respecting member of the Trun Hold you will have to make one right away. Our Smiths will have the Trundite Ore you need. I'll wait for you in the Alcove area.'

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