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Cults, Totems, And Priests Oh My!
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1079
Location:Glykeks Sanctum (Surface) (2, 12)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
Grulf's dwarves are forcing their way through the Slyvins forces. He sees you and beckons you over.
'I've see these creatures before. The Glykek cult wants to stop us from mining. They believe in the spirits of the earth or some such nonsense. I've lived my life down here and all I've seen is dirt and ore.'

'I've never seen them this organised before, I have a bad feeling about this. Look, I want you to collect Control Rods from the golems they are using. Find Control Rods from the Totems of Za and meet us inside the Glykeks Sanctum. Take this list. It shows how many we need to examine.'

You receive 'List of Collected Golem Rods'.

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