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Myagar: Capturing the Genie
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 900
Location:Myagar Flats (16, 3)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You encounter the old man you met in the Leduin desert. 'Good to see you again, my friend, not sure if I told you last time, but my name is Feringer. There's been a slight problem with lamp you helped me get... I overestimated my ability to control the genie from within, and he promptly escaped. I fear his power is far too dangerous, and so I must recapture him. I would be grateful if you could assist me in this task... The Genie is at the top of Myagar Tower. We may encounter some resistance along the way, so make sure you're prepared!'
'You're ready eh? Okay, I've spoken to the guard at the entrance, however I'm not sure if I was entirely successful at bribing him... So I'm not sure if we'll have trouble getting in. Regardless, I'll meet you somewhere on the first level, lets go!'

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