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As She Commands
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 47
Location:Hallows Caves (Hovel) (2, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You enter a small chamber, at its center is a mean eyed Goblin. He slowly stirs a suspicious stew in a blackened pot sitting on the open fire pit before him. He gives a wide grin, 'Welcome Warrior, I have a trade for you, if you wish. Are you interested?'
He glances down at the pot. 'I warn you, I do not do well with disappointment...' He then puts the spoon aside, 'But I'm sure we will not have any... unpleasentness. My name is Gut Rot, I am in the service of my Mistress. She has given me a task, and I shall see that it is done. But I need to see that you can do the job. So, I require some replacement armour, as mine got bashed up in a recent fight.' He picks up the spoon and stirs his pot again.He hands you a recipe with his other hand, 'Go get me some New Clobber, if you succeed we shall talk some more.'You receive 1 x New Clobber Recipe

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