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Present Darkness (Epic)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 3
Location:Cathedral Catacomb (4, 5)
Required Item: Ring of Righteousness
Required Kills: None
A beautiful Elven Spirit hovers in front of the stone sarcophagus. The Spirit ignores you completely.
As you step towards the Spirit you feel a gentle calm well up within you. Your Warrior instincts make you instantly feel on edge as you assume that some form of spell is being weaved upon you. But the Spirit seems only momentarily aware of you, then She looks through you as if trying to struggle to regain a long forgotten memory.

You hold out your hand and give the Spirit the Ring with the ancient symbol of the Light. But she ignores it and the ring falls through your fingers and into the Rune carved deeply into the stone beneath her floating feet. You see the ring lying in the Rune, but are reluctant to retrieve it from an unknown magical device.

You stand there for a while not really sure what to say or do...

Nothing happens...

As the Spirit ignores you completely you look closely at her face. You see no lines or scars. There is no sign of aging of any kind. Then a haze passes over her face for an instant, then is gone. You blink and on an impulse try to touch her face. She carries on ignoring you utterly and your hand actually goes through her face like water in a stream. But as you take your hand back you find it covered in sand.

You look at the Spirit expecting Her to be angry at you, but she just carries on staring into the middle distance as if in a trance.

Maybe you could find something that would help the Spirit remember.

You receive 1 x Handful of Sand

Return to Brother Richard and tell him what's happened.

Please note, you will not be able to advance in this particular Quest until the next Epic Quest arc is released. You CAN continue with Signs and Portents (Epic).

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