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Eternal Defiance (Epic)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 4
Location:Elya Plains North (14, 10)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You walk the open sands of the Elya Plain. As the gentle breeze shifts the sands, a forgotten Gauntlet twinkles in the light of the Sun.
You brush away the sand and find a silvered plate gauntlet. Then look around for any sign of the rest of the Armor. But you find nothing. The Creatures of the Plain must have scattered it to the four winds. You wonder absently why the Gauntlet survived, then notice the Icon of Light on the back of the Gauntlets hand.

You carefully pick up the Gauntlet and as it rises out the sand you suddenly realize that it has a Copper Scroll inside it.

You receive 1 x Viper Strike Saber Recipe

You open the ancient scroll and see in a beautiful flowing script, 'Forgive my grammar Officer Cadet, I am not used to your language just yet. It is very different from our Elvish speech. I fear that the Command of our Fortress here in the Elya Plain has been corrupted by the enemy, but I have little proof of this at the time of my writing. Our enemy is clever and patient, virtues he has found a way to use against us. I fear that we shall need to defend against our own quite soon. The problem is that the Commanders know all our battle spells, so I have spoken to your kind's Spell Weavers and have found an incantation which the Elves have no knowledge of. I pray the traitorous Commanders will therefore be susceptible to it. Use the recipe detailed below to construct the Viper Strike Saber, then...'

The Elven Script has been worn away by time and sand, You should build the Saber then return to the Silvered Gauntlet.

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