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The Burning Domain
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1161
Location:Labreg Depths (Shimmer) (4, 9)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You step from the cool of the Umbrae Caverns into the searing heat of the Labreg Depths. As you walk through the savage heat you are surprised to find a delicate statue that appears to have been carved out of obsidian.
Drawn to the strange statue, you wonder why someone would just leave such a magnificent piece of art in such a wild and desolate place. You flinch and draw your weapon when the statue blinks then turns towards you. 'It is rare to find a traveler in my Realm. My name is Risara and I am the Avatar of this fire domain. The Humans named it Labreg, I forget the meaning behind it. But I have grown fond of it nevertheless.'

The dark statue then looks around at the boiling lava and shimmering heat haze, the light of the flames highlight her exquisite features. She says, 'I know that to most this is a harsh place, but it does have it's beauty. Although within the purity of the fires I have seen a growing darkness. I need to find and destroy this tarnishing of the flame, or I fear the darkness with eventually consume the light of the fires if left unchecked.'

Risara's gaze returns to you, 'Don't get me wrong, there is always a part of fire that has a hunger to it. I understand this more than most. But that hunger has grown and is now twisting the my entire domain. Even my own Lava Elementals no longer heed my voice. Would you please help me find out why?'

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