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Creature Harmonics (Epic)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 30
Location:Magic Circle (Chamber of Vinthorp) (2, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You open the door and step into the crowded chamber. In the far corner you see a Mage working by a well used bench filled with various glass vials and elixirs. Sanders stands in the center of the chamber staring angrily at the Mage studiously ignoring him.
Sanders nods and waves you into silence. He whispers, 'Vinthorp is busy at the moment, a crucial experiment apparently.' Sarcasm drips from every syllable, 'Vinthorp is a brilliant theorist, he has a whole list of arcane discoveries as long as your arm. But he is not the easiest of people to get on with. He also has some strange ideas which he tries to find proof for. Sometimes they pay off, but mostly they waste his time and frustrate everyone around him. But he will not listen, he just goes on and on trying to prove himself right.'rn

rnSanders glares at Vinthorp, 'Unfortunately for us, Vinthorp is a genius with Runic Iconography. If there is one person who can help us identify this unknown Glyph the Church is interested in, it's Vinthorp. We just have to wait till he's ready to listen to us.'rn

rnYou both wait and watch Vinthorp work with his potions and bottles. After a while, you ask, 'What is he working on?' Sanders shrugs, 'I don't know, something utterly preposterous I would imagine.' You then see Vinthorp working all alone on the fringes of magic being ignored by everyone. Maybe you should ask him if you could help him in some way.

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