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Strong Ju Ju
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1229
Location:Terror Swamp (Marshes) (15, 4)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You hear a loud babble in a strange language.
You creep through the Marshes as quietly as you can, to find a Troll dressed in long robes swearing at the huge Toads. You stifle a chuckle when the Troll points a hooked finger at you, 'I feel your spirit Warrior. Come out to where Granko can look at you.' You see the tell-take signs of hex totems dangling from his neck and wrist. Muttering darkly you step out.

The Troll eyes you carefully, 'Granko does not like to be a joke. You will get Granko a Maw Tongue, or Granko will be angry.' He leans on his staff with an expectant look, 'You will do as Granko says, or badness will happen to you.'

Oddly you believe him, get Granko a Maw Tounge to keep on his good side.

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