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Guards Honour
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1251
Location:Broken Kingsway (Highroad) (11, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
Hunched in defeat you find a wounded Guard.
You reach out to the prone Guard and get him sat up. He looks at you with despair in his eyes, 'Are you his servant sent to finish me off?' You look blankly back at the Guard for a moment. The Guard then hesitantly says, 'You... you don't know what I'm talking about do you?' You shrug and tell him that you wander the Realms as fate leads. The Guard smiles, then coughs with the effort.

He regains his breath, 'Sorry Warrior, this region was ruled by King Sadinus. The Old King named him over his older brother Xerdes, which he did not accept. Now Xerdes has taken the City of Lacedonia and the throne for himself by force. The rightful King Sadinus has been forced into exile, and all those loyal to Sadinus have been hunted down and murdered. I assumed you were one of Xerdes mercenaries. You spoke of fate, I suppose my fate is to die here at the sting of the Thorn Scorpion.'

You say to him, 'You don't look dead yet. Why give up and do Xerdes job for him?' the Guard blinks up at you, 'I suppose your right, I can at least die on my feet rather than waste away here. Xerdes slank away into the hills after the first failed coup and learned dark arts within the wilderness. We could not kill him as he is protected with his foul arts, but maybe we can craft a weapon to murder the unchosen king.'

The Guard then takes out a sheaf of parchment, 'Old habits die hard, a City Guard always needs parchment. Here, take this recipe and bring me the Thorn Venom Needle.' The Guard then takes a heavy swig of a water canister, 'Sorry Warrior but I must rest.'

You receive 1 x Thorn Venom Needle Recipe.

Bring the City Guard a Thorn Venom Needle

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