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Superior Bow
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1307
Location:Ogzog Forest (Wild) (17, 9)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
Standing in some tall grasses you see a Young Archer.
The youth throws his arms up into the air in exasperation, 'You have frightened off the Moose now with your stomping about. Now I'm never going to get a good enough bow.' You look at the scrawny lad and think that a squirrel would gore him to death, let alone the majestic King Moose you have seen walking the Wild.

You ask what he is doing in such a dangerous place all alone. At your question he puffs himself up and says in a nasal voice, 'Bunkyner is under attack, every citizen must step up and protect what is precious to them. So I need a good enough bow to do that, don't I! Everyone knows that a Kinghorn Bow is the most powerful bow in all the Realms. I can't afford to buy one, so I need to make it. That's why I'm here.' The young man might not be the most impressive specimen of manhood you have seen, but he certainly has spirit. Unfortunately that kind of spirit is going to get him killed. You see a scroll stuffed into his belt. You snatch it from him and he cries out, 'Give that back, it's my Dad's...'

You say in a firm voice, 'Stay here and be quiet, I shall return with the Bow.' He goggles at you, then nods.

You receive 1 x Kinghorn Bow Recipe

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