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Burning their Resolve
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1313
Location:Grogkhiem (Southern District) (18, 7)
Required Item: Sword of the Lightning
Required Kills: None
Hunched within the shadows a Scout watches the Beastmen. He draws a short bow, 'I'm on official business, walk on.'
He see's the Lightning Bolt on the handle and smiles gratefully at you. 'I knew Dari would not let me down.' He takes the sword and puts it in his belt, 'The Beastmen are surprisingly organized. I would never have dreamed that such savage creatures would work together. But I think they have a strict hierarchy within their tribe. The usual, the strong eats the weak, but it certainly is effective.'

'We need to get into the Market, the Beastmen have set some sort of mark that is important to them. We need to get rid of that mark. I know that the mark has some sort of spiritual significance and that every part of the tribe has a hand in constructing it. This means we shall need to get some items from some of them to destroy it. I have seen a Beastman Shaman carry a ceremonial hammer. I think that is the item we need to get rid of the Beastman Totem.'

He hands you a rough drawing on a piece of parchment, 'Construct the Beastman Bloodhammer and bring it to me in the Market.'

You receive 1 x Beastman Bloodhammer Recipe

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