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Glimmers in the Dark
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1331
Location:Ozanak Caves (Mouth) (12, 13)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You enter the Mouth of the Ozanak Caves and find a richly dressed Dwarven Warrior ready for a fight.
The Dwarf turns towards you, 'Ah, another one delving into the Ozanak darkness for riches I assume.' He readies his weapon against an attack. You frown and ask, 'What are you talking about... riches. I just murdered that dog and was curious about what it guarded.' The Dwarf blinks at you for a moment, 'Nobody attacks the Hound of Ozanak. There is a hidden entrance into the Caves that my ancestors carved. Everyone uses that way to enter the Caves... Unless you do not know about the hidden wealth of my people...' You scratch you head and the Dwarf smiles back at you.

'May I propose that we together quest for the Ozanak Treasure? We can split the gold between us.' You sneer at the thought and the Dwarf eyes you as if seeing you for the first time. He then says 'Unless I misjudge you. If you wander the Realms where the road leads, you might not put much importance on gold. I've heard that such wanderers prefer weapons and items.' He then twirls his axe and runes blaze on it's edge and fire ripples across the axehead. 'If you aid me in searching out the gold of Ozanak, I shall give you this weapon.' Your eyes go wide at the powerful axe and nod quickly.

'Well then, it is an agreement. I am Kardath, son of Zordath. I am honored to meet you Warrior. If we are you find the ancient wealth of my ancestors, we must battle our way through the Caves and find the Dungeon of Ozanak. It is a relic of a destroyed Dwarven Fortress that the Shadow Lord leveled in times only remembered in tales and song. But the denizens of the Caves are not to be sneered at, I require a potion to augment my strength and endurance.' Kardath then hands you a scroll, 'Bring me the Fillyoo Potion, I shall wait here for your return.'

You receive 1 x Fillyoo Potion Recipe

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