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Call of the Warrior
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1341
Location:Myral Peak (Pinnacle) (3, 9)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
The biting wind blasts you as you emerge from the Ozanak Dungeon. Wading through the snow you find a fellow Warrior hunting the frozen mountain.
He raises his club in a salute, 'Hail to you friend. It is strange to find someone wandering this evil place.' You see him look around nervously, then note his hands shake with more than just the cold. You say, 'Something troubling you?' The Warrior tightens his grip on the rough club, 'Our clan is small, we have lived on around the Myral Mountain for as long as anyone can remember. But a threat has risen that none could have foreseen. The hate of Myral has manifested again and will swallow us all if it is not stopped. Our ancient wisdom tells of a weapon that will kill the monster, but it requires a number of components before it is completed. I have been sent out to build the weapon but I'm having a little trouble.'

You smile at the youth, 'Maybe I can help.' The Warrior laughs, then stops immediately when he see's the look you give him. 'Ummmm, well the first item the tales speak of is the cold fury of the Myral Mountain that manifests in the Echo of the demons that crawl through the snow on the top of the mountain.' He hands you an ancient scroll, 'If you could bring me the Pinnacles Echo, I would be grateful.'

You receive 1 x Pinnacles Echo Recipe

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