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A Whisper in the Dark
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1371
Location:Plain of Banishment (Void) (14, 8)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You step into a strange place where floating islands of rock appear to drift in an eternity of stars. Against the blanket of velvet darkness you see a shimmer of light, it pulses slightly.
As you get closer to the odd spectral ball it shimmers, and for a moment comes into sharp focus. Then a voice speaks into you mind, 'I see you are mortal, you must understand that this is not a place for your kind. It is a type of prison for spirits and demons that have been forced from the realms of the living.'

'I was once a spirit of great malice and hate, but that was many eons ago. In time my essence has faded and I have been forced to reflect on my actions, I now see that I brought much misery to the living and wish to undo what I have done. Unfortunately I cannot leave this place, if you would help me I shall guide you through this tormented plain of existence.'

'Now I know that you could simply agree, but I have little faith in words. They can be so...empty. I require a Bright Soul. But you will need to take a Wraiths Night Saber to a vile creature named Raz Golthar. He strengthens his essence by consuming weaker spirits around him. He will break the Night Saber and give you a Spirit Flicker and consume the rest. Simply fuse the Spirit Flickers into a Bright Soul and bring it to me.'

In your hands an ancient scroll appears.

You receive 1 x Bright Soul Recipe

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