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Guardians of Fire
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1379
Location:Plain of Banishment (Vengeful Keep) (2, 15)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
Garahvon stands in a quiet corner of the ancient Keep.
You shift uncertainly under Garahvon's dark gaze, he gives you a weak smile. 'I am sorry that my presence makes you feel uncomfortable, but I cannot help that at the moment.' He looks past you and lifts his hand. A stream of purple light edged in scarlet flame arcs over your shoulder and strikes the charging fire demon. It is consumed instantly, not even having time to scream. You blink in amazement, a feeling of terror and gratitude washes over you.

Garahvon sighs contentedly, 'It looks like I still have some of my power even after so much time... away. On a good note we are nearly at our destination, we simply need to quench the fires of these Baggoth. We could empower the Ruby Focus with their flames, I would also wager that would unsettle our adversary who is building the portal.' Smiling Garahvon scribes onto a piece of parchment, 'You know Mortal - I am surprised at how much fun I'm having. Success no matter how small has it's own rewards I suppose.' He hands you the newly scribed scroll, 'The infernal flames of these Baggoth will strengthen our cause. Infuse the Focus with their spiteful fires and return to me when you have completed the task.'

You receive 1 x Garahvon Shining Ruby Recipe

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