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Spoiling the Mix
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1385
Location:Skorpinok Halls (Soul Forge) (2, 2)
Required Item: Rough Bag of Sand
Required Kills: None
You enter a small chamber dominated by a large Forge, it fills the chamber with heat and an angry red glow. The Escaped Slave stands staring into it's fiery depths. 'Ah you're here! Have you got that Bag of Sand I gave you?'
He takes the bag from you, 'Good, this is where the shackles are made. We can ruin the process with this sand if we do it right. I just need to know how they are made. The ingredients for making the Shackles are known only to the Skorpinok Guard. Discover the ingredients for making the Shackles, I shall wait here for you to return.'

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