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We have a Bird Problem
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1474
Location:Caruftun Village (West Edge) (3, 6)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You have had enough of hiking through the tundra and are overjoyed when Egil leads you to a village. You find Egil ahead talking with a villager.
Egil and the villager turn. The villager speaks. 'Well met Warrior! Welcome to Caruftun Village. We are situated on the western edge of the Bidlect Glacier, which actually splits the village in two.' You thank the villager for the welcome. 'The villager smiles. 'We can offer food and rest but I'm afraid I have to ask if you can perform a few services for the village?'

You ask what the village requires. The village smiles and his shoulders slump with relief. 'Warrior, our village has become plagued with birds. In this part of the village we are beset by Hikata. The Hikata are small, white, raven-like birds that nest along the crevice walls. Ordinarily, they are not a problem, but recently there has been an explosion in their numbers. Would you please cull them? There are large numbers of them I'm afraid.' You agree and head into town to start the cull.

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