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Sickly Monk
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1551
Location:Dorthan (Wilds) (5, 6)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
In the harsh uncaring Wilds you find a Monk dressed in black robes. He is obviously suffering.
His face is hidden in the dark cowl of his robes, obscuring his face in darkness. From it's depths a frail voice croaks, 'I'm as well as can be expected. I have been afflicted by a sickness that is coursing through my body like fire. I believe it is from the Divine to test my resolve. Do not worry, I am not contagious. This suffering is purely confined within my flesh.' You feel his eyes on you as if starring into your very soul. You shiver despite the midday sun. You nod quickly, mumble a quick farewell and turn away.

The Monk then reaches to you imploring, 'Warrior, would yo...' a savage coughing ravages him, cutting off his sentence. You stop and turn to see his hand outstretched with pale skin peeling from his fingers and back of his hand. From you're horrified expression he quickly retracts his hand back into the dark folds of his black robe. 'I'm sorry Warrior. You seem to be strong and of noble character. I could use your help. You see, there is a large town not far from here called Crestoun. It is a backward place with its stiff-necked people still clinging to their old ridiculous beliefs and superstitions. I have tried to instruct them in the true faith, but they refuse to acknowledge the light of wisdom even when it is said directly to their faces. They rejected me and what I taught, then drove me from Crestoun. That is how I find myself wandering these Wilds seeking my path. I don't think it is any coincidence that we met my friend.'

He pauses and you realize that just speaking is taking its toll on the poor Monk. After a long moment he regains his breath, 'I must return to Crestoun and offer a sacrifice on their behalf. They will not let me back into the town, but there is a forgotten shrine in the Crestoun Graveyard. Would you help me collect a suitable sacrifice and travel with me to the forgotten shrine?'

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