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The Bonds of Evil
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1554
Location:Dorthan Wood (North) (13, 3)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
The Monk waves you over.
'This forest is the domain of a spiteful witch, nobody knows her name but she is a symptom of what is sick in this world. We must slay her and take her essence, this will make an important element of the sacrifice. But that will not be easy task as she has been killed before, but the Dorthan Witch never stays dead for long. It is said that her powers are fueled by the spirits of the living and she uses specters that wander these woods to gather the required spirits from those who enter the wood. I need to examine her hexes before we attempt to strike at the foul hag. Bring me Cursed Wanderer Skull, this recipe will instruct you on how to get it.'

You receive 1 x Cursed Wanderer Skull Recipe

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