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Heresy of Constancy
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1558
Location:Crestoun Road (Broad) (16, 3)
Required Item: Sealed Wooden Box
Required Kills: None
The frail Monk takes long ragged breaths after the walk from the Winding. You're about to ask if he's alright when he says, 'Can I have a look at that Sealed Wooden Box I gave you. I've been wondering what's inside.'
He takes the box and examines it carefully, 'There is a wax seal around the lid, whatever is inside it's not to get wet.' He eagerly scores away the seal with a dagger and forces the lock. Then gasps at the rows of little leather pouches inside. Smiling he opens one and pours out some fine black powder into his cupped pale hand. 'Smell that? That's sulfur and saltpetre, which means this is gunpowder. No wonder the box was sealed. 'They' have provided this, that's why 'They' allowed me to be taken by that fool giant. The True Gods wanted me to get this gunpowder!'

'Within this realm you will find strange golems wandering the land. They are a remnant of a city of some sort. It's thought the inhabitants had the golems protect the city against invaders. But some cataclysm destroyed it, leaving only the golems as a reminder of their existence. They are old beyond knowing which is an affront to the Gods themselves, as they are the only eternal constant in creation. We must bring this false illusion to it's rightful end and reveal it for the hollow promise it stands for. The golems draw their energy from a large crystal, we shall destroy that crystal and the Golems will fail. Take this recipe and build a Makeshift Device, we shall use it to shatter the Source Crystal. I shall examine this gunpowder and see how much we need to fuel the it.'

You receive 1 x Makeshift Device Recipe

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