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Undead Plagued Shambling Turtles
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1506
Location:Mephitic Marsh (Gas Bog) (9, 6)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
The Mephitic Marsh is a place of the dead. you see plenty of strange undead, pox ridden Turtle-like beings. They have all attacked though they are slow and shambling, thus easy to avoid. You happen upon another of the strange creatures but it seems to be moving (marginally) faster. It turns to you and you're surprised to see it is alive and apparently in good health.
The Malogre looks at you strangely. 'You are not here to kill me?' You say no and ask what is going on in the Swamp. The Malogre sighs and says 'My people are dying because of the changes to the swamp. Many have escaped but many more have succumbed to what ever evil has twisted our home. It attacks the very element of nature. We were defenseless against it and reacted too slowly. I hope to put my undead kin out of their misery but I do not believe we can save the swamp.'

You frown. A sickening of the swamp? The Fens were slowly corrupting. Something must be causing this sickness. You tell the Malogre this and offer to help. He shrugs. 'At best we should wipe out my undead fellows. Return to me once you've killed all the Gas Malogres you can find.'

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