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The Lingering Evil
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1561
Location:Crestoun (East Gate) (3, 4)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
The echos of Lindarsil's words reverberate around you're mind as you enter the East Gate of Crestoun. In the center of the East Gate you find the Guard Captain staring at you with his sword drawn.
The captain rises his sword, 'Stand fast stranger and declare your intentions here in Crestoun.' You can tell by his tone that he isn't joking, if you don't answer correctly this man will cut you down. You say, 'I mean no offense Captain, but what is going on?' The captain eyes you suspiciously, 'I received a report that an enemy of Crestoun was sighted within the Graveyard from the watchtowers on the city walls. But the men I sent never returned, do you know anything about what happened to them?'

Every instinct in you screams to lie. But Lindarsil said to be honest with the Crestoun Guard, after taking a deep breath you tell him, 'Actually I do. In my travels I met a Monk that seemed to be unwell. He said he had been thrown out of Crestoun because the people had not received his teachings due to their stubbornness. He wanted to perform a sacrifice in a shrine near Crestoun on their behalf. I assumed he was a Monk of the Light, I was wrong. I murdered the Guards protecting the Monk until I saw the truth. He was summoning some horror to destroy Crestoun, not offering a sacrifice for them.'

The Captain's face goes pale at you're words, 'He summoned a... a... a horror to destroy Crestoun? We must slay this beast!' You raise you hand stopping him in his tracks, 'Lindarsil appeared to me and told me to deal with the threat. I have done so, she then sent me here to speak to you.'

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