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Squirming Darkness
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1564
Location:Crestoun (South Ward) (7, 2)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You enter the South Ward and find the Guard Captain standing with his sword drawn.
The Captain grinds his teeth is seething rage, 'I'm just starting to wonder if anything going to go right today.' He looks at you in exasperation, 'The Ward Keepers are ignoring me and have sealed themselves within fields of magic to protect themselves against those little blighters.' He points at a shadowy form sitting in a dark corner. 'The spell ward protects the Keeper from the demons, but it also cuts all non-magical communication as well. So we need to break through their protection to get their attention. As the mages don't look as smug as they usually do, I bet that the demons can actually puncture their defenses. Take this recipe and bring me back the Writhing Essence of these little pests. Once we convince the keepers we will not be ignored they will actually start listening to us.'

You receive 1 x Writhing Essence Recipe

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