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Twisted Fortune
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1566
Location:Crestoun (Gypsy Crescent) (8, 13)
Required Item: Crestoun Status Notes 2
Required Kills: None
The Captain greets you with a nervous smile, 'I don't like the Gypsy Crescent, the Soothsayers make me edgy. Anyway, hand me the Crestoun Status Notes 2 and we'll get on with it.'
'When I entered the Gypsy Crescent all seemed normal. Until I spotted one of those Soothsayers. They have always carried cards, bones or wanted to poke about your palm. A few had little stalls and they sold tea and read you're leaves when you went. But all that seems to have changed. I'm beginning to seriously dislike change. The Soothsayers are all carrying crystal balls and I noticed that everyone who speaks to seems to receive bad news. I saw one man actually break down in tears. I want to know what that Soothcrystal holds, find a way to bring me one.'

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