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The Fed are Fast
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1567
Location:Crestoun (Shamble Alley) (8, 13)
Required Item: Crestoun Status Notes 3
Required Kills: None
The Guard Captain gives a curt nod, 'We need to watch ourselves here Warrior. There are street urchins in every alley just waiting to pick you're pockets. Just hand over those notes I gave you and I'll tell you what I need doing.'
'Excellent, this is the site of the old poor quarter. But there was a terrible plague which swept through here many years ago. The quarter was burned and rebuilt, but the old problems didn't go up in smoke with the plague. It wasn't long before the orphans of the plague started to run in the shadows of the alleys. I suppose that the Urchins would be perfect spies for the demons. Search the urchins and find out how they are communicating with their dark masters.'

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