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Spook Smashers (Halloween)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 25
Location:Cathedral of Ways (6, 6)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You've been summoned to the Cathedral of Ways. The letter demanding your presence is from a Brother Peck. You've not heard of this member of the Cathedral before and wonder at the unfriendly wording of the letter. You arrive at the Cathedral.
You enter the Cathedral and notice the atmosphere is muted and tense. You see a Brother ahead and approach him 'Brother Peck?'

The Brother turns to you. 'So, you are the 'warrior' Brother Richard insisted I contact. Don't look like much. You sure you'll be up to this?'

As the Brother sneers at you, you step forward and say in a low voice 'I have helped save this Cathedral many times over. As to the problem you are having now, it would help if you explained the issue instead of sneering at me.'

Peck looks you up and down. 'The issue is ghosts. I don't see any but Brother Richard says many others do. Meet me in the cloister that Richard has called Spook Central.' With that Brother Peck struts off. What a self important little man!

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