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Horror in the Dark
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1572
Location:Crestoun (Noble Line) (10, 5)
Required Item: Saber of Gurgriss
Required Kills: None
The Paladin glowers into the darkness of the North Line, 'The mighty Gurgriss sends us down into this filth. I should not be surprised, what has the God of War ever given me?'
You hand her the splendid Saber and say, 'This belongs to you. If you had waited a moment longer rather than walking away in a sulk, you could have taken it from the altar yourself.' Cazinrill takes the sword from you, 'I'm sorry, this is for me?' You smile, then tell her, 'The saber materialized on the altar in the Inner Chapel just after you left.' You tap the symbol on the hilt, 'I guess Gurgriss wants to make a point.'

The Paladin swipes the sword, the saber rings as it cuts the air, 'I don't understand. I have served Osverin all my life. Like my grandmother and mother before me. My whole family is pledged to him. I don 't like Gurgriss. He's obsessed with blood and victory. Where is the room for beauty or art?' You gaze at her standing in the dark, 'I would say that life is not all beauty and art. Someone has to fight so others can appreciate those loftier things.'

A rage suddenly consumes Cazinrill and she throws the saber away. It arcs off into the gloom. 'I do not accept that!' she screams, 'I belong to Osverin and Gurgriss can't... make... me...' Her rant tails off as the shining Saber materializes back in her hand at the name of the War God. The icon of Gurgriss shimmers in the dark and the flawless blade glows with an inner light.

You marvel at the majestic weapon and say, 'That is a beautiful sword.' The Paladin nods in silent agreement.

She then calms herself, 'Emotions have always been a problem for me. They unsettle my inner clarity, dulling my potential. The teachings of Osverin state that I must not become overwhelmed by them. But I'll not get anywhere crying like a silly girl. We have a task to do and we must get on with it. Whilst I was waiting for you I saw a vile Slime Abomination moving about in the darkness. Bring me its essence, I need to see what kind of demon we're dealing with.'

You must find a way to get the Slime Abomination Essence and give it to Cazinrill.

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