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Cannot get the Staff
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1575
Location:Greenvale (Lobby) (8, 15)
Required Item: Juicy Chunk
Required Kills: None
You enter the airy Lobby of the Greenvale mansion. You immediately find Cazinrill trying desperately to talk her way past an officious looking Butler. Not wanting to intrude, you stand near the Paladin and wait to see what happens. The Butler then asks her with an air of unassailable finality, 'I'm sorry Madam. But if you don't have an acceptable gift, then how could I possibly let you in?'
You open your backpack and the rancid stench immediately fills the air. Cazinrill's head snaps round and she glares at you and silently mouths, 'What are you doing!' Smiling plesantly at the Butler you hand over the arm saying, 'I'm sorry I took so long. Will this do?' The Butler looks down at the reeking meat in his hands and nods calmly at Cazinrill, 'I do apologize for my previous behavior Madam. One must be careful whom one lets into the Manor. I do hope you understand. I am also thoroughly envious at your highly efficient servant. I have been having staffing problems myself.'

Cazinrill goggles at the Butler before her, 'Well, of course.' She then smiles and says, 'If my servant can be of any assistance...' She trails off and waves her hands about ineffectually. The Butler clicks his heels, 'Magnanimous in the face of adversity. How refreshing to meet someone with breeding. May I speak directly to your servant then?' Cazinrill blinks rapidly and gestures awkwardly in your direction.

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